Á La Carte Print Prices:

 Wallets                $15 (per 8)
 4x6                      $4
 4x10/12               $8
 5x7                      $10
 8x10/12               $25
 11x14/16             $45
 16x20/24             $80

 Quantity discounts available on four or more of the same image in the same size

 4x8 Greeting cards          $20 / 10 cards & envelopes
 4x5.5 folded cards           $45 / 24 cards & envelopes
 5x7 Postcards                  $35 / 24
 Personalization                $12
 Custom designs               $30 and up plus printing charges

 Additional Data Disc: $5

These prices are valid for basic services/prints only.  Any custom work is priced specifically
depending on amount of time spent working on the individual image.  Custom work includes,
but is not limited to:
-Reducing the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles
-Spot Coloring
-Hand Coloring
-Removing objects/people from background
-Collaging of images
-Adding Vignettes

These prices are subject to change without notice, but are locked-in upon hire and guaranteed at least one year from the
time of the shoot.