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In addition, I have spent over ten years working within the
industry, expanding my repertoire of techniques and
technologies as I photograph weddings, families, seniors,
sports, and nature.  The digital darkroom is my workshop.
Capturing the moment keeps me going, inspired by the
promise of passing on these memories to the generations
to come.

I was raised in the St Paul-Minneapolis area and am now
based out of Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
I have come so far since I was given
my first camera at the age of eight; I
loved finding the statement-defining
details in the world around me. Later,
I commandeered my father’s “grown-
up” camera and began developing
the techniques necessary to capture
beautiful, dynamic images.  I went on
to earn a bachelor’s degree in
photography, where I honed my
professional skills and delved into the
personal world of visual story-telling.